Timba Bass Lesson 5: 2-3 Tumbaos Example 4

This example is also important for close study for principle characteristics of timba basslines. It is both very syncopated for a 2-3 line, yet still remains true to the clave due to two important accents. Notice how beat three is always played on the two-side of the clave, while the “and” of two is always played on the three-side. This not only lines up with the clave, but also many of the parts played on the low drum of the timbales as well as many other percussion parts often played in timba music.

2-3 Tumbao Example 4.png

As always, this blog entry is not meant to be a complete tutorial, just a brief demonstration of a general concept. If any of these terms are unfamiliar to you, be sure to check out my book, The John Benitez Method Vol 1. I also highly recommend any of Kevin Moore’s Beyond Salsa Bass Series. If you’re interested in learning more, comment below or contact me directly if you have any questions or are interested in private lessons either online or in person. Happy practicing and see you on the next one!

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